Hi, I Am Fiona Irvine

In 2010, I was a size 16 and desperate for change. Having battled with my weight most of my life I wanted to change my lifestyle so thought if I could give myself a big goal like running the London marathon, it would spur me on and get me fitter. I loved running – Win win I thought!

Unfortunately I was not seeing the results that I wanted. I completed the marathon but during the process I craved carbohydrates all the time and was drained of energy. I met Marion a Herbalife Wellness coach at a low point in my life, and she gave me a balanced eating plan and optimum-nutrition meal replacements. I was initially very sceptical but I really had nothing to lose! Within a few months, I had dropped down to a size 12, regained my get-up-and-go and was feeling amazing!

By following my Herbalife nutrition program, and with the help of my Wellness Coach Marion, I transformed my lifestyle and made health and fitness a priority in my daily routine. I no longer worry about my weight. I have fallen in love with Herbalife Nutrition and have complete confidence in my body, it’s part of my daily life and always will be, I feel much better at 38 than I ever did in my twenties.






Mind Set


We believe that when you give your body optimum nutrition amazing things start to happen. That’s why we want to help our clients get their shield on. 

Well-being is about looking at your overall lifestyle and implementing change one habit at a time. Everything else will take care of itself.

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